6 Things that can Damage your Transmission

Your Car’s Transmission Is a Complex System

While your transmission is tough, it can still be damaged.

It can be hard to break bad habits. Especially bad driving habits that we have been doing for a long time. Being aware of the things that can damage your car help you avoid destroying your transmission and avoid costly repairs down the road.

6 Things that can Damage your Transmission

These are the top 6 mistakes drivers make that can ruin your transmission.

Shifting When Not Stopped

In automatic transmission cars, it is best to be fully stopped before shifting into drive or reverse.

If you shift into drive or reverse when your car is not completed stopped this can quickly destroy your transmission. It is always best to be fully stopped before shifting into drive or reverse in cars with automatic transmission.

In an automatic transmission car, it is not like shifting gears in a manual transmission vehicle, where the clutch can disengage, an automatic transmission is a rigid linear operation and the teeth inside the gears can grind if you force your transmission to change gears while moving. Not only can this damage your transmission but it can also damage your suspension and driveshaft as well.

Towing Beyond Your Car’s Ability

If your car isn’t built for towing – don’t do it.

It’s that simple if your car isn’t meant to haul a heavy load, then don’t. If your car has some hauling capability then be sure to not exceed the suggested weight limits. Towing puts a huge strain on your transmission, which can cause it to overheat.

Running Low on Transmission Fluid

Low transmission fluid is a guaranteed way to damage your transmission.

If you are low on transmission fluid the gears in your transmission will not be lubricated, causing them to grind together, overheat and eventually fail. You need to keep your transmission fluid at the optimal levels in order to keep your transmission working smoothly. If your fluid levels are low, chances are you have a leak.

Using The Wrong Transmission Fluid

Not all transmission fluid is created equal.

Your transmission requires a certain type of transmission fluid to run. Different types of transmission fluid have different levels of viscosity and different mixes of additives and are formulated for different car’s transmissions. Using the wrong fluid for your transmission can result in your transmission not getting the right lubrication or cooling properties that it requires. Your owner’s manual or the transmissions experts at Global Automotive Transmissions  can help you determine which transmission fluid is right for your car.

Not Servicing Your Transmission

Your transmission needs to be tuned.

If you don’t service your transmission on regular schedule dirt and contaminants can build up and cause your transmission to develop problems over time. Your transmissions performance will decrease and the parts inside will wear out. If you ignore regular maintenance for your transmission long enough it will eventually fail outright.

Ignoring Transmission Problems

Minor problems can quickly escalate into major problems.

Most catastrophic problems are avoidable – there are warning signs along the way. Hearing strange noises? Car shaking, shuddering, or stalling? Red puddles on the driveway? These are all early warning signs that something might be wrong with your transmission. It is best to bring your car to a certified transmission expert sooner rather later when these warning signs occur rather than waiting until the problem gets worse – and more expensive to repair.

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